Really pleased to have spent 8 weeks extended to 12 weeks with the Colchester Girls High School delivering a Girls Pilot for Table Tennis England, working closely with the Sports Team we got a really high class engagement from the Girls who attended and kept coming back for all the weeks, with highs of over 30 to a low of 14 per session due to school trips and exams we really did have some great engagement.
Using all 8 tables at our disposal all the sessions where driven by two main elements with the third being the bonus...
First was that all the girls had fun in the sessions
Secondly that they were all safe, there were a lots of girls in the Sports Hall running around
The third element was that they were all learning new skills without it being forced to them...
The conclusion of this is that they won the Girls Pilot Scheme Competition and are the proud owners of a new Pink Table Tennis Table, I popped back to see the Girls and their Sports Master for some pics to celebrate the arrival of the table from the team at Tees Sport.
If you are a school, college or university looking to develop a Table Tennis section please get in touch, also if you are a school, college or university looking to deliver a Girls Pilot in Essex let me know and I can help you to get it set up and funded either partly or even fully.

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