121 Coaching
Interested in having 121 sessions with me, then don't hesitate to get in touch. With a wealth of experience and knowledge about Table Tennis, from getting your technique right to getting the right tactics in a match situation we can look to understand your style of play, I can then help you to solve any issues you might be having quickly, whilst looking at a more long term development of your game. Integrating this all with helping you to physically and tactically develop as a Table Tennis player too.
Group Coaching
I have been running Group Sessions since the very beginning of my coaching career, from 3 to 30, from cadets and junior to adults and veterans and mens, mixed and Ladies Only Days in conjunction with the This Girls Can campaign. If you have a group that are looking to improve then this might be the more cost effective way for you all to improve and spur each other on...
School Clubs
I am working with quite a few local Schools, Colleges and Universities to develop sustainable progress for the students to help them improve both their Table Tennis game and their overall fitness and well-being... and having some fun in the process too.
Corporate Events
If you have a "Ping Pong Ding Dong" going on at work, let me come in and run a session in your workplace, either as a coaching session for the keen and eager to learn or as a Team Building event for both the staff, Directors and clients and suppliers.
Some of the Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Companies that we work with include:
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